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How Hearing Aids Work

At a basic level, hearing aids fill the gap created by a hearing loss by receiving and amplifying sound. While there are many types of hearing aid technology, the four basic components common to each are:


How Hearing Aids Work
  1. A microphone, which receives sound and translates it into electrical impulses.
  2. An amplifier, which makes those electrical impulses stronger.
  3. A receiver, which translates those now-stronger impulses into louder sounds.
  4. A battery, which serves as a power source for the whole system.


New technologies have addressed most complaints related to outdated hearing devices. And the latest hearing aids have solved the most common grievances: feedback, background noise, and constant adjustment.

Don’t allow these outdated complaints to prevent you from receiving the treatment and hearing care you need. Hearing loss affects patients of all ages, and current trends and data shows an increase of hearing loss in younger individuals.

How Hearing Aids Work

The technological advances of hearing aids are astounding. Your experience of conversations at dinner with friends, spending time with your family, or even going out with your loved one for a movie night will be dramatically enhanced. Let us show you how sleek, effective, and affordable new hearing devices really are. Schedule an appointment today by calling 610-527-4312.

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