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Hearing Protection

Not only does Providence Hearing Aid Center provide solutions for hearing loss, but we also help you preserve your hearing. Whether for work or play, Providence Hearing Aid Center has the custom solution to protect your hearing.

Custom Earplugs

Whether for work or play, these custom ear molds protect you from loud situations. Don’t take a chance with your hearing. Our custom earplugs provide you better protection and comfort than store-bought brands. Visit one of our three convenient locations in Chester, PA, Glen Mills, PA & Media, PA to learn more about custom earplugs.

Musicians Earplugs

Whether you’re performing, attending a concert, or engineering sound, these canal-style earplugs guard your ears so you can be at your best. Sleek, small, and virtually invisible, you get maximum protection without any loss of pitch or timbre.

Swim Molds

Custom fit and molded specifically for you, these molds keep your ears dry in the water. Swim molds are key in the prevention of Swimmer’s Ear which is an infection in the outer ear canal.

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